The FIWARE Device Simulator can be installed using three main procedures:

  1. Cloning the Github repository.

  2. Using a RPM package

  3. Automatic deployment using Docker.

Cloning the Github repository

To install the FIWARE Device Simulator cloning the Github repository, please run the following commands:

This is:

git clone
cd fiware-device-simulator/
npm install

The FIWARE Device Simulator is ready to be used.

Using a RPM package

We detail the steps to follow to install, update and remove the fiware-device-simulator component using a RPM package.

Package generation

Prerequisites: To generate the RPM package from the fiware-device-simulator component sources it is needed to have the rpm build tools (rpmbuild executable), Node and the npm utilities, as well as an Internet connection to download the required Node modules. To generate the RPM package for the fiware-device-simulator component, execute the following command from the root of the fiware-device-simulator component:

./rpm/ -v <version> -r <release>

If everything goes fine, a new RPM package will be created and stored in the following location: ./rpm/RPMS/x86_64/fiware-device-simulator-<version>-<release>.x86_64.rpm. Execute the next command to get additional information about the RPM package creation script:

./rpm/ -h

Installation, upgrade and removal

Prerequisites: Node is needed to install the generated fiware-device-simulator component RPM package. To install or upgrade the fiware-device-simulator component, execute:

sudo rpm -Uvh fiware-device-simulator-<version>-<release>.x86_64.rpm

After the installation, the following files and directories are created:

└── logrotate-fiware-device-simulator-daily.conf
├── conf
│   └── <empty> Here is where configuration files are stored
├── node_modules
│   └── <node modules directory structure and files>
├── package.json
└── (other files and directories)

To remove a previous fiware-device-simulator component installation, execute:

sudo rpm -e fiware-device-simulator

Automatic deployment using Docker

To ease the testing and deployment of the FIWARE Device Simulator, there also exists Docker images hosted at the Docker Hub, including all the information needed to deploy and to try the FIWARE Device Simulator via the execution of a simple Docker command.

To run a Docker instance including a FIWARE Device Simulator instance, please run the following commands:

docker pull telefonicaiot/fiware-device-simulator
docker run -t -i telefonicaiot/fiware-device-simulator /bin/bash

At this point, you will be inside the Docker container with a FIWARE Device Simulator ready to be used.